2016. Dec. 13

Cartoon <<Vovka in who-knows-what kingdom>>

vovka in who-knows-what kingdom.jpg vovka in who-knows-what kingdom2.jpg  

2016. Feb. 24

Cartoon <<I'll get you>>

i'll get you -RU.jpg
i'll get you -RU2.jpg  

2015. Dec. 11

Cartoon <<The Kid and Karlsson>>

cartoon the kid and karlsson_RU.jpg

cartoon the kid and karlsson_RU2.jpg  

2015. Nov. 17

Cartoon <<The Kid and Karlsson>>

the kid and karlsson.jpg
the kid and karlsson2.jpg  

2014. July 08

Cartoon <<Winnie-the-Pooh>>

Directors Fedor Khitruk and Gennady Sokolsky

cartoon winnie the pooh.jpg  

cartoon winnie the pooh2.jpg  

2014. June 27

Cartoon <<I'll get you !>>

Director Vyacheslav Kotenochkin

i'll get you.jpg

i'll get you2.jpg  

2014. Feb. 12

Cartoon <<The Kid and Karlsson>> 1968-1970

director Boris Stepantsev

the kid and karlsson.jpg

winter briar2.jpg  

2013. July 25th

Cartoon <<The adventures of Lolo the little penguin>> 1986-1987

directors: Gennady Sokolsky, K. Yesida

the littel penguin  

the littel penguin2  


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